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Maven Innovative Consultancy, LLC prides itself as one of the leaders in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development. We provide the latest technology, compliance expertise, political advice, legal guidance,  equipment, and management coaching techniques allowing us to give our customers the best service possible on-site and through other media.
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These services are designed to answer all of the questions one may have about starting an agency, adding to an existing agency, or purchasing an existing agency.
We will  help you understand requirements for location, operations financial requirements, local state and federal regulations and laws, and personnel. Understand how to create effective billing, budget and other financial systems/processes. Define administrative and client needs, and develop a timeline for implementation.
 Business consulting expertise to optimize performance in every aspect of your organization.  We provides the business solutions you need to start a business, run a business, and handle a variety of other common business matters for small businesses.
Since the process involved in starting a business can be complicated, we provide services to help start an LLC, form a corporation, file a DBA, and take care of many of the business requirements related to starting and running a business.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  1. Business Strategy
    Drive profitable growth by understanding market drivers, creating new business models and increasing competitiveness.
  2. Marketing sales and services
    Apply advanced analytics to create advocacy by optimizing every interaction with customers across multiple channels
  3. Data & Analytics
    Leverage technology to drive business innovation and create sustainable growth while optimizing the IT organization.
  4. Operations
    Drive integrated operations and decision making to enable strategic change and achieve competitive advantage. Improve forecasting and reporting, develop predictive capabilities, reduce enterprise risk, and optimize your finance organization.
Political Strategist
  1. Let Us Do The Work For You
    WE ARE WINNERS ! Countless victories, hundreds of tough fought campaigns, and defining issue efforts that capture the public’s willingness to HOPE— that's how we do it. Call Now! (707) 9- MAVEN- 1 FREE Business and Political Analysis. Why take risks when you can have M.I.C.
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  4. FREE Political or Business Consultation
    Take Action!....Call Now!..... The only thing you have to lose is everything you have work for. Let M.I.C. manage your risk. (323) 844-3185
Trained and Certified Specialist
Tyrone Freeman  has been  a transformational leader for over three decades. Mr. Freeman specializes in the defense of small businesses, in the full range of business matters, including: advising business owners. In addition, Mr. Freeman is an Executive with substantial business development, management/ leadership experience. High premium on providing cost saving management practices. Focus on Lean Six Sigma implementation, contract drafting, operational cost saving.  Globalization of manufacturing and supply chain optimization. Start-up business specialist providing training and educational programs to employers. Mr. Freeman a Principal at Maven Innovative Consultancy, LLC – a boutique consulting firm specializing in the exclusive representation of management in business matters. A large portion of the Firm’s clients are home care  agencies and other health-care related employers.
Specialties: Management-Employee development negotiation, branding, sales, marketing, international business, mergers, labor-management arbitration, leadership development, housing development strategies, small business innovation,  Home Care  industry and labor related compliance matters.
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Tyrone Freeman, 

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